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Pendleton Spider Rock Yoga Mat

SFr. 99.00 SFr. 129.00

The yoga mat for adventurers. 🌲 ⛺️ 🏔 
Enjoy a more comfortable and stylish training with this light, upholstered yoga mat in our beautiful adventure pattern. Made from a high quality textured PVC top, rubber floor and environmentally friendly materials that are free of latex and heavy metals. Designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon.

From the founding of Pendleton's first wool mill in 1893 to the construction of trade relations with American nativeists, Fannie helped expand their father's heritage. As her father did it for her, Fannie continued the family tradition in 1898 to her three sons. Less than a year later, a new wool refining department has been set up, and the first finished wool products were traded. This laid the foundation for Pendleton Wollen Mills. The tradition of wool and textile innovation justified by Thomas Kay and his family is based on all pendleton products.

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