Production and sustainability

Made in Switzerland - is our credo
Our maps are designed by us and finished in cooperation with a super graphician. Now lasert, colors and builds the Foundation Terra Vecchia together our maps in the finest handicraft. So it's a mix between a precise laser and aspiration.

Shop Local - For our Swiss Wood Maps we renounce import from overseas and use only high-quality wood from Switzerland and Finland (Nussbaum Switzerland, Birke FSC Finland).

Unique - Each map is somehow a single piece - designed with a lot of passion and attention to detail and assembled by hand.

CONSISTENT - It is very important to us. When making the maps, we use only renewable raw materials. The maps are made of wood, the packaging 100% recyclable.

Respectful - We have high respect for nature and the environment. We use sustainable raw materials and account for healthy growth. We are deeply rooted with the region and Switzerland and convinces that every producer should bear this responsibility.


Assembly Swiss Wood Maps

Swiss Wood Maps
Is made of high quality birch wood and framed by noble walnut. The birch comes from Finland - the walnut and oak frame from Switzerland. It is deliberately dispensed with import from overseas so that the environment is less burdened. The picture frame is vegan and is treated with a natural oil.

The card itself is untreated and natural. Each Swiss Wood Map is uniquely made of wood. The picture frame can give color differences from bright to relatively dark. A warranty for a certain color can not be given.

Further, the cover sheet made of birch wood falls slightly in the first two months. It is definitely recommended to avoid direct sunlight. Because it is wood and it is a natural product, so after the purchase can take a color change (darkening).

The maps are carefully assembled through us and in collaboration with the Foundation Terra Vecchia in Bern. We cultivate with our employees a handling of eye level and thus enable people with disadvantage a varied and exciting task.