About us.

Swiss Wood Maps is a unique label - Made in Switzerland. We specialize in high quality Wood Maps, which hold the beauty of our Swiss waters & mountains forever.

For several trips through North America and Europe in the past 15 years, we discovered our artistic side and a free lifestyle, which will not let us go to today. Full of ideas around the loving combination of art, design and life on four wheels with countless road trips and camping adventures, we started a crowdfunding today's company Swiss Wood Maps. It is about the fact that the experienced memories and adventures forever hold.

➶ Stay Wild - Go Adventure ➶

Only in the middle of nature do you experience proper adventures, or maybe find your favorite place again, on which you have your personal memory. Whether sea depths, mountain heights, campsites, beaches or destinations - many small and fine details are engraved. The lakes and rivers are incorporated in high-quality birch wood, framed by noble Swiss walnut. The specially mixed colors were selected to match the turquoise blue of our lakes and rivers. The Panorama Wood Maps symbolize with its own color concept the annual or daytime in our beautiful mountains.

In addition to our Swiss Wood Maps, we also produce products around the topic of "Adventure Lifestyle". We set where it only works on fair trade and sustainable products. We prefer to spend our lives outside in nature, on the lake, in the mountains or explore with our VW-California the most beautiful streets and enjoy the sheer endless landscapes. We are home-bonded and modern outdoor lovers at the same time.

Interior design combined with Adventure Lifestyle - Hand Crafted for You in Switzerland.

Your Swiss Wood Maps Team

Simona & Lukas


Simona and Lukas - Founder and owner Swiss Wood Maps