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Panorama Wood Map - Graubünden Bernina

SFr. 419.00

«Take Your Memories Home»

Imagine, you're just on your hike in Graubünden and it opens you a beautiful mountain panorama. We want you to keep this reminder forever and take home - as a high quality Wood Map.

The frame is made of high-quality Swiss oak and the relief layers from European birch. The picture is made in Switzerland and assembled by hand.

On the Panorama Wood Map Grisons are imaged:

  • Piz Trovat 3146m
  • Piz Cambrena 3606m
  • Fourcla pers-Palü 3453m
  • Piz Palü 3900m
  • Piz Spinas 3823m
  • Fuorcla Bella Vista 3688m
  • Crast Aguzza 3854m
  • Fuorcla Crast Agüzza 3591M
  • Piz Bernina 4048m
  • Piz Bianco 3995m
  • Bianco ridge
  • Fuorca Prievlusa 3430M
  • Piz Prievlus 3610M
  • Piz Morteratsch 3710m
  • Piz Tschierva 3546m
  • Piz Bavol 3353m
  • Piz Misaun 3250m

The Wood Maps are manufactured by us and the Foundation Terra Vecchia in Bern.We maintain a pleasant handling of eye level and enable people with discrimination a varied task. Each map is made by us on behalf. The delivery time is thus around 10 working days.