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Panorama Wood Map - Valais / Valais

SFr. 419.00

«Take Your Memories Home»

Imagine, you're just on your hike in Valais and it opens you a beautiful mountain panorama. We want you to keep this reminder forever and take home - as a high quality Wood Map.

The following mountains are visible on the map and with name and height:

  • Schwarzhorn 2790m
  • Bella Tola 3025m
  • Rothorn 2998m
  • Gässispitz 3411m
  • Barrhorn 3610M
  • Heart Barrhorn 3583m
  • Brunegghorn 3833m
  • Turtmannspitze 3080m
  • Bishorn 4153m
  • White horn 4506m
  • Tete de Milon 3693m
  • Schalihorn 3974m
  • Les Diablons 3609m
  • Zinalrothorn 4221m
  • Glacier de Moming
  • Wave duct 3903m
  • Ober forkhorn 4063m
  • Matterhorn 4778m
  • Glacier de Zinal
  • Pointe de Zinal 3789m
  • Dent blanche 4357m

The frame is made of high-quality Swiss oak and the relief layers from European birch. The picture is made in Switzerland and assembled by hand.

The Wood Maps are manufactured by us and the Foundation Terra Vecchia in Bern. We maintain a pleasant handling of eye level and enable people with discrimination a varied task. Each map is made by us on behalf. The delivery time is thus around 10 working days.